EASYDRUM-Twist /Torsion free Wire

Easydrum offers the following benefits;

1/ Larger Drums offer increased productivity, approx 300 kilos per drum

2/ Stitching Wire without twist and torsion

3/ Reduced friction of the wire in the stitching head

4/ Less missed stitches and less abrasion

5/ Less resistance to feed the wire

6/ Wire protected from paper dust and dirt due to the closed drum top system

7/ Flexible positioning, can be located up to 20 metres from the stitcher due to twist and torsion free wire.

Easy drum loading 

Loading straps on the Easydrum are used for safe lifting with a forklift truck.Loading easydrum

Position the Easydrum on a trolley or pallet for easy manoeurvability



Spool transporters

For the handling of large spools we have developed various "transporters" that comply with H.S.E. regulations

Spool transporter


page last updated: 24/08/2018

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